Learning Monk

February 19, 2009

Hello, World!

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As weird is Adrian Monk, so is every programmer. He is a true character who wants everything lined up perfectly. I see every good programmer has parallel world to the rest of the world. He defines his own standards and tries to live that life day after day.

I am starting this blog as I make my way towards becoming a good programmer. I would be writing from Server side to Client side. I want to just write good code and and I am trying to do that everyday. I usually work in Java, Spring Framework, Perl, UNIX/LINUX platforms, JavaScript and CSS. However from time to time I wet my feet in Hibernate, Design Patterns, Refactoring (code, databases, html, css and everything), Ruby on Rails. As I learn/invent these things, I want to maintain a journal of my findings. I am wishing to come up with great design strategies to problems that I usually face.


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